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Start Your Journey

No Limits

It all starts with one decision; so I ask you,

"Is your reason for change greater than the your reasons for staying the same?"

If you answered YES! Then continue on.... 


Are you ready to leave the negative beliefs behind, overcome past experiences that have left you feeling bad even years later, to heal your anxiety, reach goals, improve the relationship you have with your mind and body, and embrace a 'new you'? .

As a Personal Development Mentor and Mental Health advocate, I am here to provide you with the mindset, support, guidance, education, and tools you need in order to bring change, and reach the pinnacle of success, ultimately reclaiming and reinventing your life. 

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Inspiring Change

As a mentor/coach and speaker, I aim to deliver the education, inspiration, guidance, tools, and skills to a variety of audiences that are looking to enrich their lives. Striving to make every moment a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content.


With a background in 'CBT' Cognitive behavioral therapy , 'NLP' Neuro-linguistic programming, Mindfulness, Neuro-Science and most importantly my own life experience with (depression, anxiety, and anorexia) we will journey together in making lasting changes, profound improvement and reinvent your life to start living it exactly how you always envisioned it to be. 


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Start Living your Life & Living it Now

Closing the Gap On the Mental Health Epidemic

If you’re feeling stuck, back against the wall, fed up with feeling those unwanted feelings, living with beliefs that dis-empower and hold you back, overwhelming anxiety, do you hold negative body images about yourself, or simply feel like learning something new or reaching a goals?  I offer several programs for clients from all areas and backgrounds of life. Take a look at my offerings right here to learn more.

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1-on-1 Session

Dedicated to You

As a mental health advocate I want to help you...

~ Overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamed of, so you can start living again

~ Stop coping and start healing from anxiety, eating disorders, and depressions

~ Overcome fears

~ Gain the confidence to walk into a room and light it up

~ Release past trauma 

How would that feel? Does it sound like something your interested in doing for yourself? What would life look like then?


Superior Guidance

Connect with me for a FREE 15 minute chat, bring your coffee, tea, snack and lets hang out and chat about how  I can...

~Help you break free from whatever is holding you back

~ Turn your "I can't, into I can"

~ Envision what life will look like when we have jumped the hurdles together

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Past Client Experiences

Read past client reviews to discover how Mental Health Toolbox Builder has helped to transform their lives. They found help when they seeked it, and you can do the same. Fill out the form below and book your initial consultation today.

Ashley is a very energetic and solution-oriented coach. She has a genuine desire to help others and she truly knows what she is talking about. That makes her a great coach.
Totally recommended!

Kilian Markert